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Enables you to displays categories and subcategories in a tree structure
State: stable
Developer: Daniel Kinzler
Type of extension: MediaWiki
Edition: BlueSpice free, BlueSpice pro
Dependency: MediaWiki
Software package: -
Category: Content Structuring
Documentation at

In BlueSpice it is possible to create subcategories and you can display the category system as a category tree.

Top level and subcategories

The category is a central index for all top level and sub categories. To display the tree you need to activate "Javascript". If you create a new category this has to be a subcategory of at least one existing category.

Example of a category tree:

no subcategories

Get to know more about how to create a multilevel system of categories.


See all categories in the hierarchical category tree. You start with the category "top level" and it is possible to fold out subcategories.


In the general category tree it is possible to jump to a category and display all subcategories. And you will see all related articles of a category.

Define top level categories

Define the most important categories as a top level subcategory. Just insert a new subcategory on the top level category page. Or insert the category "top level" at the new category site. For example insert category "top level" at Category:Staff:

Insert category tree

Insert the following code:


In the middle there is the category from which the category tree shall start. In this case it is top level.

Special page category tree

Beside the category tree there is a special page named Special:CategoryTree. Here you can see all top level and subcategories.