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Nuke is an extension for administrators to delete more than one page at once. This tool allows mass deletions of pages recently added by a given user or an IP address.

Where can I find the mass delete function?

Go to the special page Special:Nuke. If you are an administrator you can see the dialogue.

Functionality of Nuke

Seek for pages you want to delete with parameters

Screenshot: Delete several pages with the MediaWiki Extension "Nuke"
  • Input the username or IP address to get a list of pages to delete, or leave blank for all users.
  • Pattern for the page name: Use a keyword to select all articles that contain this keyword in their title, e.g. %Test%
  • Namenspace: Limit the deletion to a special namespace
  • Maximum number of pages: Limit the number of pages

Delete several pages at once

Choose all articles you want to delete. Afterwards click at "delete".

Screenshot: Delete several pages at once