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Release notes

  • Improved performance: Work much faster with BlueSpice
  • New databases supported: PostgreSQL and Oracle
  • Improved cache control (localisation cache, initial memcache support)
  • UniversalExport: New templating system for PDFs: choose between different designs for your PDF Export
  • Categories can be assigned in view mode: you don’t have to use edit mode
  • RSS-Feeds: Outlook support improved
  • ArticleInfo: information about subpages
  • ShoutBox: changes on the user interface
    Now you have more space to comment on an article. And your profil icon will be shown next to your comment.
  • VisualEditor: new TinyMCE version
  • New extensions: CountThings, HideTitle, NamespaceCSS, CSyntaxHighlight
  • ExtendedSearch: Updated to Solr3.5 to allow left wildcards: search for right parts of a word, like *image
  • InsertImage: Improved uploader. Images can be linked: you can link images with the insert and upload tool.