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BlueSpice 1.21.0 was published on 12.06.2013.

Download from Sourceforge.

Release Notes

This is a minor update. Main changes are

  • compatibility with MediaWiki 1.21.0
  • Authors: Hide with __NOAUTHORS__
  • Authors: User images have no more default value
  • Blog: Blog now also works per namespace
  • ExtendedSearch: Facets can be sorted alphabetically
  • InsertFile: Bugfix with paging
  • InsertFile: Checkbox for images without a link
  • MailChanges: Bugfix with notification of new shouts
  • Shoutbox: Hide in print mode
  • Statebar: Hide with __NOSTATEBAR__
  • VisualEditor: Dialoges now work in fullscreen mode
  • Webservice: Tika updated