BlueSpice 2.27.0 Update Manual

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Installation Notification

  • Please read this manual completely and follow the installation steps in the given order.
  • For editing the configuration files in a text editor, it is necessary to save the files in UTF-8 code without BOM (Byte Order Mark).
  • The placeholder is representative for the path, where you unzipped the downloaded extension.
  • The placeholder is representative for the URL of your MediaWiki, e.g. http://localhost/mediawiki.
  • The placeholder is representative for the path to your MediaWiki installation, e.g. C:\xampp\htdocs\mediawiki (Windows) or /var/www/mediawiki (Linux).


1. Create Backup

Always create a backup copy of your current installation before updating the wiki. Make sure that is a complete dump of the database and a backup of the /images directory. 

2. Update Files and Directories

The contains the following directories and files:

  • extensions
  • skins
  • installcheck.php
  • LocalSettings.BlueSpice.php.template
  • LocalSettings.BlueSpiceDistribution.php

Copy the unzipped subfolders into the directory. Overwrite the exsting files.

Delete the directory:


Rename the following file:




3. Update Config File

Delete the following lines in /LocalSettings.php:


Insert the following lines instead at the end of /LocalSettings.php:

require_once "$IP/LocalSettings.BlueSpice.php";

If you formerly activated/deactivated any extensions, please copy the content of the file


to this file


and make your changes there to activate/deactivate the extensions like before.

4.Ensure Access

The webserver needs write rights for the following directories (with Linux e.g. chmod -R a+w):

  • /cache
  • /images
  • /extensions/BlueSpiceFoundation/data
  • /extensions/BlueSpiceFoundation/config

5. Run Update

5.1. Command Line/Terminal

Open your command line or terminal in and run the following command there:


php maintenance/update.php


php /maintenance/update.php

The result should look like this:

Creating bs_whoisonline table...ok
Creating bs_saferedit table...ok

5.2. MediaWiki Web Updater

Open /mw-config/ in your browser and follow the instructions. More information can be found in the MediaWiki Documentation. 

Further Configuration

There are new configurations, which can be done.

1. Use img_auth

If you prefer using img_auth instead of SecureFileStore, please follow these steps: Copy the file




Open the file


and deactivate SecureFileStore by commenting out the following line:

require_once( __DIR__."/SecureFileStore/SecureFileStore.setup.php" );

Now add the following line in the LocalSettings.php:

$wgUploadPath = $wgScriptPath."/img_auth.php";


Enjoy using your new BlueSpice for MediaWiki!