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BlueSpice release notes

BlueSpice Core 1.20 / BlueSpice for MediaWiki 1.20

Date: 2012-12-21 This is a major release (rev 7909).

Changes since BlueSpice Core 1.1.1 / BlueSpice for MediaWiki 1.1.1

BlueSpice Framework (Core)

  • Added support for MediaWiki ResourceLoader
  • Removed old I18N files
  • Added jQuery effects core
  • Added new scrollable AJAX tooltip
  • Information on Special:Version and ExtensionInfo are now the same
  • Completely removed vendor/SymfonyComponents
  • Completely removed BsEvent and BsEventDispatcher
  • Completely removed BsI18N
  • BsConfig: "getOption" on User object returns none serialized values
  • Fixed infinite recursion in ExtJS-Trees (i.e. InsertCategory)
  • Depth of recursion is now configurable
  • Refactored ExtendedSearch components
  • Added Validator I18N
  • Fixed path issues in Database.class.php
  • Added filearchive trigger for oracle
  • BsException does not return the message key anymore
  • Added I18N for RemoteHandler errors
  • Added debug mode for BsMailer
  • Fixed error when no User object could be created
  • Fixed $wgOutputEncoding issue for MediaWiki 1.19 (UTF-8 Support)
  • Added RemoteAction implementation to fix errors in RemoteHandler
  • Added MediaWiki style wfSuppressWarnings() to BsTagFinder
  • Setup: droppend support for MediaWiki < 1.17
  • Updated all jQuery and jQuery UI components
  • Added "sortable" functionality to jQuery UI
  • Removed jQuery Tools as they are no longer needed.


  • Created a "common" asset location
  • Added fonts.css
  • Adding new landscape orientation PDFTemplate
  • Added styles forand
  • Added .wikitable stylings
  • Added more MediaWiki styles
  • Added new page-break rules

BlueSpice Framework (Adapter)

  • Added HTMLMultiSelectSortList
  • Added HTMLLink
  • Added reValidate for real sort list in HTMLMultiSelectSortList
  • Added selected="selected" on update in HTMLMultiSelectSortList
  • Fixed compatibilty of HTMLMultiSelectEx
  • Removed differentiation of extension-settings for DBtype
  • Added BlueSpice to Special:version
  • Implemented legacy mode for OutputPage->errorpage/showErrorPage
  • Updated SpecialPage alias system
  • Added new way to control caching of a page: set dummy template
  • Changed RemoteHandler behavior in case of an error. It has been very ambiguous before (Returning a whole HTML document on error).
  • BlueSpice SpecialPages are now displayed on Special:Specialpages
  • Added "addTemporaryGroupToUser" functionality
  • Number of founds is also correct now
  • Added two functions to get the namespace constant(s) for MediaWiki namespaces
  • Added Hook BSAdapterGetUserMiniProfileBeforeInit in method getUserMiniProfile
  • Integrated WIKI_FARMING_INSTANCE_ROOT to allow loading of config files in symlinked directories
  • Added MW 1.17+ compatible Linker::link method in LinkProvider
  • Implemented conditional use of ContextSource in PageContentProvider
  • Removed link to UserPage of deleted user in UserMiniProfile
  • Added UserPreference for WidgetBar and UsersideBar


  • Added URL helper methods (for future: maybe use URL.js or similar)
  • Added .format() to prototype of String


  • MailChanges are now loaded on REMOTE to make ShoueBox mails work
  • Added SmartList
  • Added BSProjectFeedbackHelper
  • Added InsertMagic
  • Added CSyntaxHighlight


  • Removed secure group
  • Reset default permissions. BlueSpice should not impose a permission model on existing wikis
  • Group sysop is allowed to searchfiles by default

BlueSpice Extensions

  • New extension: InsertMagic
  • New extension: NamespaceCss
  • New extension: PageAccess


  • Added new Hook to support Vector Skin
  • Rearranged StateBarBody
  • Added behaviour switch
  • Added StateBar sort functionality
  • Replaced wfMsgExt with wfMsg
  • Now follows redirects
  • Added ArticleInfo.js
  • Last edited now gets updated by JavaScript
  • Added invalidateCache on parent pages
  • Improved display of categories in view mode


  • Added behaviour switch
  • Replaced userCan( 'read' ) with userCanRead() because it has a bug.
  • Now authors uses plural I18N
  • UserImage setting is now inserted into db without savesettings
  • Replaced userCanRead with userCan( 'read' )
  • Added qqq messages
  • I18N UTF-8 encoding.


  • Added show blog insert form on blog tag for not registered users
  • Blog tag now is injected into InsertMagic


  • MediaWiki I18N
  • Only show to Sysops
  • Added Link to feedback form
  • Added param toggle
  • Added confirm dialog for disabling
  • Removed "Beta" state


  • Added InsertMagic hook handler
  • Replacing wfMsg with wfMessage
  • ParserCache in hook disabled
  • Added I18N for countThings tags


  • Fixed results from "titleEdge"
  • External Repos can be indexed now.
  • Fixed wrong message that was shown while indexing
  • Added create and suggest link in autocomplete
  • CostumerId gets initialized earlier
  • Spellchecker has own view now
  • Added I18N for Settings and Specialpage
  • Added option to delete lock file
  • Added option to disable create/suggest links in autocomplete
  • New BlueSpice search plugin for Firefox. If you want to use it, you have to change the urls at the moment.
  • SearchForm on Specialpage is now just created once
  • Added Hooks before indexing
  • Added fetchContent by explicit article id
  • Improved hit highlighting
  • Delay is now 300ms
  • Title is shorted in the middle now ... also works with highlighting
  • Removed whitespaces around ellipses
  • No more create/suggest links will be displayed if title exists
  • Fixed missing preference label
  • Autocomplete Box will disappear if no results where found
  • Added client-side global event "BSExtendedSearchAutocompleteItemSelect"
  • Removed WantedArticle dependencies
  • Added better mechanism to add classes to result items
  • Implemented better logic to read in files from external repo
  • Just "application" files will be indexed now. Now it works like BuildIndexMWReopsiotry
  • Results from textWord (index field with ReversedWildcard) are highlighted, too.
  • If you open Special:SpecialExtendedSearch no error message will be thrown.
  • Improved code of link creation
  • No more empty facets will be displayed
  • Normal Article link is now made by LinkProvider
  • No spellchecker if title does not exist
  • Fixed fuzzy search searching in the wrong fields
  • In BSExtendedSearchAdditionalActions hook just the links are added now


  • Added ExtensionInfo specialpage
  • Added new HelpdeskBaseUrl
  • Moved urls into I18N-files
  • Added BlueSpice Version to ExtensionInfo
  • Fixed formatting


  • FormattingHelp is now hidden if in VisualEditor mode


  • Changed icons


  • Disabled parser to remove title
  • Removing <h1> with JS

/bluespice-mw/ext/SmartList (aka /bluespice-mw/ext/InfoBox)

  • Renamed InfoBox to SmartList
  • Renamed bsTop10 to bsMostViewedPages
  • Added ability to show the most viewed pages in a category
  • Added ability to show comments and date (in mode 'recent changes'), configuration in user preferences
  • Added BsTop10 tag which provides a list of pages sorted by how often they have been watched
  • Added aditional params hook
  • Modified tag attributes handling
  • Fixed Widget heading
  • Added possibility to add parameter time="month". In this case bs_whoisonline is used and you will get different scores, but the order is the same.
  • Added possibility to get the most viewed pages for more categories
  • Now the behavior of the comparison works much better
  • Renamed mostviewedpages to toplist. cat and ns not working at the moment.
  • Improved Toplist. Namespaces are working now
  • No more results with zero views will be displayed
  • Toplist does not display pages which a user is not allowed to read anymore
  • Fixed "count" param
  • Added INFOBOX Widget keyword for compatibility reasons


  • Changed case of file names
  • Added event handler for "hwactions-init" to add button and command
  • Removed table aliases for better cross DB compatibility
  • Category tag depends now to system language
  • Fixed error that prevented deletion of all categories in view mode
  • Disabled/Enabled state
  • Added "hideHeaders" to GridPanel
  • Added LoadMask to TreePanel


  • Added licence chooser
  • Improved paging mechanism and performance
  • Fixed bug with height/width of images when in edit mode
  • Added reset on filter
  • Fixed trimming error of unicode-no-break-spaces ( )
  • Added global clientside hook "BSInsertFileAfterInitWindow"
  • Added loadMask for DataView container panel


  • ComboBox allows only existing namespaces
  • Internal links to pages are now correctly read in and displayed


  • Fixed paging for oracle


  • Now sends mails in user language
  • Mails on Shouts are only sent if user watches article


  • Fixed I18N
  • "id" and "name" columns are now sortable
  • Added paging toolbar
  • New delete button
  • Talk namespace will be deleted with associated namespace
  • Running check on case
  • Added OracleDB switch for ns_bak_text
  • Moved delete page query after delete revision because of ON DELETE CASCADE


  • Works with oracle now


  • Now completely sortable over serveral pages
  • Tag is rendered alphabetical


  • Fixed IE 8 render errors
  • Templates now have tooltips with description
  • Removed restriction level check because it was unnecessary. Now it is the original MediaWiki behavior


  • New mail notifications on article move/edit/delete
  • Article is now added to editors watchlist
  • SpecialPage: implemented dynamic pageSize
  • SpecialPage: set grid to autoHeight
  • SpecialPage: now lists multiple editors for each page
  • SpecialPage: added hideHeaders to GridPanel
  • SpecialPage: added loadMask to GridPanel
  • Added options for automatic rights assignment
  • Disabled AutoPermissions for ResponsibleEditors (for packaging)
  • Added invalidateCache on delete all responsible editors
  • Added invalidateCache when responsible editors change


  • Added updatepatches for oracle
  • Fixed crash on postgresql update.php
  • Fixed oracle
  • Fixed notifiations


  • Added own hook "BSRSSFeederGetRegisteredFeeds" that replaces "MediaWikiPerformAction". Because "MediaWikiPerformAction" isn´t called on specialpages anymore


  • Added flag to prevent requests if no backup has been created
  • No more backup will be created if WYS is active by default and no changes have been made
  • Restored edit warning
  • SaferEdit warning is now cancelled on save, cancel and preview


  • Now also replaces image links in single quotes.
  • No more fatal error will be thrown with mw 1.19+ because Image class has been removed


  • Added "deleteshoutbox" permission to allow users to delete their shouts
  • Deleted shouts get archived
  • Fixed long text overflow
  • Fixed Oracle and PostGreSQL
  • Added clientside I18N
  • Added BSShoutBoxBeforeAddViewAfterArticleContent hook
  • Implemented behavior switch
  • Added "archiveshoutbox" permission
  • Added maxlength to ShoutBox insert form


  • Added option for disable statusbar on comma separated page list
  • Added sort options for top/body sort
  • Added reorder functionality
  • Added support for underscored entrys in StateBar hide on pages pref
  • Added possibility to set data attributes to top elements


  • Fixed value labels
  • NumberOfEdits now counts correctly
  • Value label with one digit after comma
  • Removed brackets in filter text
  • added OracleDbReader - draft
  • Statistics Searchstats now works for oracle
  • Modified DB-Switch for DBReader.class


  • Changed the style. Now it is a little bit smaller and it looks better
  • Added operator param


  • Added param override from page props
  • Added page props to some important tags
  • Allowed overriding of template param from page props and URL
  • Added feature "Suppress namespace"
  • Now saving PDF if in debug mode
  • Added new implementation for SOAP-less PDFWebservice
  • Added backward compat. for old PDFTemplates
  • Changed temp dir setting
  • Added WikiId to requests
  • Added timeout of 2 minutes
  • Using Repo instead of LocalRepo for images
  • Implemented thumbnail detection
  • Reintroduced rel="nofollow"


  • Added StateBar sort functionality to UniversalExport
  • ExcludeArticleTag and HideTitleTag now will be shown in content instead of statebar
  • Reenabled export of not existing pages
  • Removed "default" template entry in ParamsDefaults


  • Added page size field in paging toolbar for dynamic page sizes
  • User name links now to user page
  • Paging now works for oracle
  • Now throws error if username == pw
  • Edit password works again with mw1.18+
  • Removed userid as salt ... MediaWiki generates a random number
  • Additionally show internal group names in Groups tab.
  • Added internal groupnames to edit groups dialog


  • Now also the default will be shown


  • Updated TinyMCE to 3.5.8
  • Added language files
  • Added advimagescale plugin
  • Linking across tags is no longer possible
  • Removed timestamp after image links
  • Added wikitable style
  • Added jQuery events on document object
  • Decoupled buttons
  • Added AJAX save
  • Added classes to tags and magicwords to hwcode/editor_plugin.js
  • Added hook to hwbehaviour/editor_plugin.js
  • Added parser code for behavior switches
  • Fixed
    - error
  • Implemented new image parsing
  • Added dedicated directory for custom plugins
  • Disabled switch to wiki code in full screen, as it breaks the view.
  • Paragraph style is now indicated (heading, paragraph, etc.)
  • Disabled RETURN key in special tags
  • Allow for multiple table headings in one row
  • Added LoadMask
  • Reestablished mailto links
  • Improved entity handling
  • Added spaces before and after single line break in order to make it possible to add text without gray background
  • Remove all nonalphanumeric characters from comments so parser won't apply.
  • Rollback newline after comments patch
  • Clean up empty divs
  • Added I18N for Magic word __NO_EDITOR__
  • Now using hwcontextmenu
  • Fullscreen editing enabled
  • Now works in language variants
  • Fixed paths for main.css and general.css
  • Added new list plugin by TinyMCE. Should improve list experience.
  • Changed CSS to better meet overall BS design
  • Added sortable list image


  • Added events for modification of given title
  • Changed $.on() to $.live() due jQuery version issues in MW < 1.19
  • Added <bs:wantedarticleform/> tag
  • Added wanted article tag to InsertMagic


  • Replaced deprecated parent::SpecialPage by parent::__construct
  • WikiAdmin is using MediaWiki I18N now
  • Added wrapping

to main panel

BlueSpice Extensions (Dist)

  • New extension: Calendar
  • Calendar: Replaced deprecated split with explode
  • CategoryTree: query limited by row_number on oracle
  • CategoryTree: added rumnow instead of limit for oracle
  • Updated DynamiPageList. We are using the Wikimedia Version ( ... not the major risk one. (tested on 1.16 & 1.17)
  • LDAPAuthentication: fixed $wgVersion bug
  • LDAPAuthentication: fixed $_SESSION['wpDomain'] bug
  • Updated Math
  • Updated Nuke: Now has much better functionality. Works with 1.17 and 1.16
  • Updated ParserFunctions
  • Updated RSS: v1.90 solves issues with umlauts
  • New extension: SocialProfile
  • Updated SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi: Newest version of geshi does not work with mw1.19+ so syntaxhighlight tag was added
  • New extension: WikiCategoryTagCloud

BlueSpice Webservices


  • Added new BShtml2PDF.war
  • Added linkable attachments


  • Separated the index that each field has just it's own filterfactory
  • Removed titleEdge field
  • Removed copyfield for titleEdge
  • Removed titleEdge
  • Added TextReverse
  • Added missing sort field
  • Updated spellchecker component and index field or spellchecker
  • Removed velocity because it has a bug in solr 3.5
  • Spellchecker index is no more rebuild when commit is triggered because this is a performance killer

The Team


  • Markus Glaser
  • Radovan Kubani
  • Sebastian Ulbricht
  • Marc Reymann
  • Mathias Scheer
  • Thomas Lorenz
  • Tobias Weichart
  • Robert Vogel
  • Erwin Forster
  • Karl Waldmannstetter
  • Daniel Lynge
  • Tobias Davids
  • Stefan Widmann
  • Patric Wirth
  • Stephan Muggli

Design & Testing

  • Anja Ebersbach
  • Richard Heigl
  • Nathalie Köpff
  • Michael Rödl
  • Michael Scherm
  • Dardan Diugan
  • Christina Glaser
  • Christian Graf

Standing on the shoulders of giants

We would like to thank all the people around MediaWiki. You've created a wonderful piece of software. Thanks a lot!