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BlueSpice release notes

BlueSpice Core 1.21.0 / BlueSpice for MediaWiki 1.21.0

Date: 2013-06-12 This is a minor release (rev 9693).

  • Added support for MediaWiki 1.21
  • Improved MediaWiki Skin support
  • Fixed a lot of bugs

Changes since BlueSpice Core 1.20 / BlueSpice for MediaWiki 1.20

BlueSpice Framework (Core/Adapter)

  • Supported MediaWiki verions are 1.19-1.21
  • Validator: Implemented workaround for PHP bug ( - This affects PHP 5.3.2 (eg. Ubuntu 10.04 LTS)
  • Fixed restriction on specialpages
  • Fixed error when BsMailer::send() was called with just a e-mail address string
  • Removed BsHTmlTidy class
  • Removed Minifier
  • Added i18n for TagErrorList
  • TagFinder: Fixed bug with non-well-formed XML
  • Removed "BlueSpiceFramework.js" from resourceloader module to avoid double loading.
  • Added option for preferences => NO_DEFAULT (usersettings-only options can be marked with it)
  • Added HTMLFormField to provide the possibility, to render images in Preferences
  • Fixed PageContentProvider that caused an "oldid" parameter not to be evaluated
  • Fixed output of URLs in anchor tags

BlueSpice Extensions


  • Added link and link text for subpages statebar view


  • Added option to hide


  • Added disableCache in blog tag callback
  • Fixed broken "unknown action blog" implementation
  • Added possibility to create a own blog for each single namespace
  • Added RSS Feed for "subpage blogs"
  • Fixed MW 1.21 compatibility issue


  • Fixed bug with category title
  • Improved forbidden keys logic
  • Added Hook after external file is added
  • Autocomplete css is better formatted
  • Icons are transparent
  • Fixed autocomplete offset issue
  • Added option to sort namespaces alphabetically
  • IP editors are now displayed as "unknown" and not ignored
  • Added Feed API module


  • Fix bug in view mode that the categories of an article are not selected when you open up InsertCategory dialog


  • Fixed paging
  • Fixed rendering of thumbnails if the image is smaller than the thumbnail default
  • Added checkbox to insert image without link


  • Fixed "call to undefined" bug when trying to edit an link in VisualEditor
  • Fixed IE bugs with wikicode editor
  • Made text in the last line linkable
  • External link value is set when dialog shows up


  • Added option to disable notification
  • Fixed logic for e-mail notification for Shoutbox messages


  • Added call to parent LoadExtensionSchemaUpdate method to ensure creation of tables
  • Fixed parameters for PostGreSQL
  • Fixed empty results on initial load
  • Fixed error message because of an undefined variable


  • Fixed and improved template links


  • Added hook before saving the content to pm-settings.php
  • Fixed "Mainspace" I18N


  • Replaced deprecated static add view to StateBar calls with handlers for "BSStateBarBefore*ViewAdd" hook


  • Added special page alias (fallback for ReviewOverview)
  • Fixed parse error bug when comment includes '"'
  • Using blacklist instead of whitelist for "checkReviewPermissions"
  • Fixed issues when resetting an workflow process


  • Fixed sending of wrong header; some browsers had issues to recognize the XML as RSS


  • Fixed error when file was not found


  • Not visible in print


  • Results are correctly displayed when period is month


  • Added behavior switch
  • Fixed leftover default values in preferences section


  • Fixed js and buttons


  • Fixed "later modules override output of earlier modules"
  • Removed deprecated code
  • Added check for file_exists in upload to avoid errors
  • Fixed Backend naming
  • Fixed catchable when pdf is being created and common.css content is empty


  • Auto uppercase first letter


  • Removed StatusBar
  • Added command overrides for mceLink, mceAdvLink, mceImage and mceAdvImage
  • Fixed image-width/height bug
  • Fixed bug with linked thumbs
  • Fixed bug, where text after table was lost
  • Editor now adapts to window resize
  • Links to files are now shown as such
  • Removed rowtype selector as it does not have any effect


  • Fixed MW 1.21 compatibility issue


  • Added watchlist tag to InsertMagic

BlueSpice Skin

  • Logo height is dynamic now but min 100px
  • Separated SiteNotice and ArticleHeadline prints
  • Fixed login and register form styling
  • Fixed general layout issues
  • Fixed jQuery UI styling overrides
  • Fixed print stylings in MW 1.19
  • Fixed a bug where MediaWiki:Common.css and other styles were not included properly.
  • Fixed portlet compatibility bug

BlueSpice Webservices


  • Improved getFileText
  • Added new Solr (new tika)

The Team


  • Markus Glaser
  • Radovan Kubani
  • Sebastian Ulbricht
  • Marc Reymann
  • Mathias Scheer
  • Thomas Lorenz
  • Tobias Weichart
  • Robert Vogel
  • Erwin Forster
  • Karl Waldmannstetter
  • Daniel Lynge
  • Tobias Davids
  • Stefan Widmann
  • Patric Wirth
  • Stephan Muggli

Design & Testing

  • Anja Ebersbach
  • Richard Heigl
  • Nathalie Köpff
  • Michael Rödl
  • Michael Scherm
  • Dardan Diugan
  • Christina Glaser
  • Christian Graf

Standing on the shoulders of giants

We would like to thank all the people around MediaWiki. You've created a wonderful piece of software. Thanks a lot!