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BlueSpice 2.23.1

BlueSpice 2.23.1 is a minor and maintenance release.

New features

  • Database: added experimental SQLite compatibility
  • ExtensionInfo: Added link to Mediawiki version page
  • Shoutbox: mentions of users with @ now possible and with ajax autocomplete
  • SmartList: Added mode "whatlinkshere"

Change log


  • Configuration: Allow all file types to be uploaded. This is fine in an intranet environment
  • Configuration: Added file protocol to DefaultSettings
  • Configuration: Changed RSS whitelist
  • Configuration: Removed a hardcoded path for the BlueSpice config files
  • Database: added experimental SQLite compatibility
  • General: Changed include order of BlueSpice
  • General: Added new global $bsgPermissionConfig for adding some configs to every permission
  • General: Added missing query param returnto to login link
  • MediaWiki compatibility: Update ApiResult handling for mediawiki/core change I7b37295e
  • MediaWiki compatibility: Remove long-deprecated ApiBase::getVersion()
  • BsFileSystemHelper: Allow upload of namespace prefixed files. Quickfix to support NSFileRepo
  • BsGroupHelper: Temporary user group now compatible with Lockdown extension
  • BsMailer: Mail footer message gets actually rendered now
  • GridFilter: An icon is shown when a filter is active on a grid column
  • NamespaceCombo: Removed defaultValue
  • ViewBaseElement: Fixed handling of DATA


  • Avatars: Fixed warning if no user image was set
  • Blog: Added bs:blog:time tag
  • Blog: Prevent overlapping when thumbnails are used
  • Checklist: Fixed checkbox insert in IE
  • ExtensionInfo: Added link to MediaWiki version page
  • InsertCategory: Make it possible to remove categories in view mode
  • InsertFile: Fix for empty window after inserting a file
  • InsertImage: Fix when no links are present
  • InsertImage: Fixes in error handling
  • Notifications: Fixed bug with notifications badges in non-BlueSpice skins
  • PageTemplates: Added message parsing
  • PermissionManager: Notifications and warning fix
  • PermissionManager: Fixed errors on activation permission templates
  • PermissionManager: Fixed un-editable new groups
  • ResponsibleEditors: Fixed missing permissions in ajax context
  • ResponsibleEditors: Added string filters to WikiExplorer
  • Review: Improved notifications
  • Review: Set review counter to active if open review is present
  • Review: Separated from statebar
  • Review: Added hook AfterMakeJSDataObject
  • Review: Added hook handler to overwrite with FRCRevisionReview
  • Shoutbox: Mentions of users with @ now possible and with ajax autocomplete
  • Sidebar: Added link to MediaWiki Special:SpecialPages to admin tab
  • SmartList: Added mode 'whatlinkshere'
  • SmartList: 'whatlinkshere' now supports categories
  • StateBar: Fixed fatal when redirect article does not exist
  • Statistics: Fixed interval error message
  • Statistics: Fixed bug where multiple months didn't show the right statistics
  • UEModulePDF: Fixed bug when proxy is set
  • UniversalExport: Added PDF export link to toolbox
  • VisualEditor: Added code tag to list of tags special tags
  • VisualEditor: Mask templates in table style definitions
  • VisualEditor: Fixed table property dialog
  • VisualEditor: Make sure image caption is always at the end of image parameters
  • VisualEditor: Fixed umlaut handling in links without caption
  • VisualEditor: Prevent loading when not in edit mode


  • LdapAuthentication: Added recent version with "underscore fix"
  • Connector: Created BSDistConnector to configure extensions
  • Removals: Cite, InputBox, Poem, SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi because those are part of MW standard release
  • Additions: NSFileRepo and TitleKey


  • Now using $wgResourceLoaderLESSVars for most LESS vars
  • Small fix for underlying elements of personal tools menu
  • Changed hard to read font color


  • MediaWiki 1.22 or 1.23
  • PHP 5.3.2 or later.
  • MySQL 5.0.2 or later
  • Java 6, 7 or 8 (webservices only)
  • Tomcat 6, 7 or 8 (webservices only)

The Team


  • Markus Glaser
  • Radovan Kubani
  • Sebastian Ulbricht
  • Marc Reymann
  • Mathias Scheer
  • Thomas Lorenz
  • Tobias Weichart
  • Robert Vogel
  • Erwin Forster
  • Karl Waldmannstetter
  • Daniel Lynge
  • Tobias Davids
  • Patric Wirth
  • Stephan Muggli
  • Stefan Widmann
  • Manfred Dennerlein

Design & Testing

  • Anja Ebersbach
  • Richard Heigl
  • Nathalie Köpff
  • Michael Rödl
  • Michael Scherm
  • Dardan Diugan
  • Christina Glaser
  • Christian Graf
  • Angelika Müller
  • Jan Göttlich
  • Karl Skodnik


  • Aude
  • Chad Horohoe
  • Raimond Spekking
  • Siebrand Mazeland
  • Yuki Shira
  • TGC
  • Umherirrender

Standing on the shoulders of giants

We would like to thank all the people around MediaWiki. You've created a wonderful piece of software. Thanks a lot!