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Icon-note.png Please note
This extension - and therefore also its functionalities - is not included anymore since BlueSpice version 2.27.0. Due to this, the article has been archived.

An article can be assigned to one or more responsible editors.  The editors responsible for an article can be seen in the status list of the article. When the menu is collapsed, only one of them will be displayed.

Technical background

Only those users with the relevant permission, responsibleeditors-takeresponsibility, in the namespace can be chosen as responsible editors.

To assign responsibility for an article to an editor, the user has to have the permission responsibleeditors-changeresponsibility or already have been named as a responsible editor him or herself.

Where can I find the function ResponsibleEditors?

Screenshot:Link to change the responsibility in the "more" menu
Click at the wheel-symbol ("more" menu). You will find the point "Change responsibility". This brings you to the correct dialogue.

The functionality of ResponisbleEditors

Who is the editor responsible for an article?

When an editor is responsible for an article, this will be displayed as article information in the StateBar whether it is displayed in full or collapsed. Clicking on the editor's name takes you to his or her user page.

Screenshot: All responsible editors are listed in the StateBar

Assigning responsible editors

Screenshot:Changing the assignment of responsibility for an article
Choose the correct editor from those available, who are listed in the left hand column. When chosen, they then appear in the right column. Click "Ok" to retain the assignment of responsibility.

The following table describes the actions that can be taken:

Arrow Description
Btn-ResponsibleEditors-Anfang.png Put the marked responsible editor first
Btn-ResponsibleEditors-hoch.png Put the marked responsible editor one up
Btn-ResponsibleEditors-rein.png Assign a responsible editor (this one will appear in the right hand list)
Btn-ResponsibleEditors-raus.png Delete a responsible editor, means to put him back at the left hand list. He will be discharged of the responsibility.
Btn-ResponsibleEditors-runter.png Put the marked responsible editor one down
Btn-ResponsibleEditors-Ende.png Put the marked responsible editor last

Handing on responsibility to another editor

Change responsibility as descirbed above. If it is set up in the WikiAdmin preferences for responsible editors, old and new editors will be informed by email of any changes to the assignment of responsibility.

The special page Responsible Editors

There is a special page for responsible editors. You can call this up via Special:Responsible Editors or search for it in special pages under BlueSpice. You need to have the permission responsibleeditors-viewspecialpage to view the special page.

Screenshot: Show responsibilities in Special:Specialpagesand change them

The table can be sorted according to:

  • Articles to which an editor is assigned
  • Articles to which no editor is assigned
  • All articles

Further, a namespace can be given to filter the responsible editors.

Email notification

You can be notified by email about changes to an article you are responsible for.

Screenshot: Configuring email notification in Special:Preferences

Tips for working with ResponsibleEditors

  • The transparency of responsibility is particularly important in business, as clearly defined personal responsibility is required for process orientation.
  • Editors get permission to edit, move and delete the an article when they are responsible for it.