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BlueSpice pro - The professional business solution  

BlueSpice pro offers everything you could expect from a business-critical solution. In contrast to BlueSpice free, BlueSpice pro is the comprehensive, business-critical and subscribable BlueSpice version. Find out more on the BlueSpice Website.


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BlueSpice pro
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Label-mediawiki32x16px.png MediaWiki

BlueSpice pro packages

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  • Compile articles to books and export them as pdf- or docx-file
  • Chapter navigation in the wiki
  • Export with cover, clickable table of contents, and all attached files

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  • Create review workflows and define workflow processes
  • Edit articles in draft mode
  • Publish new or changed articles after approval


  • Compare versions in three different views:
    classic comparison, wiki-code, or visual
  • Colored highlighting of all changes
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  • Assigning namespaces and manage view rights for documents
  • Open, edit, save Office documents directly from the wiki
  • Manage the complete wiki in a separate file system
  • Filter- and sortable file list with extended meta data
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  • Schedule articles for revision
  • Enter a reminder date and be reminded via notification in the wiki
  • Mark articles as "expired"
Semantic 50px.png


  • Entries with additonal values (Meta data)
  • Forms with pre-defined entry
  • Initiate combined queries
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  • Filterable and sortable list of all articles in the wiki
  • Filter for 17 categories, with information on e.g. approval or responsible editors

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  • Rate articles with up to 5 stars, and write a review
  • Special page with filterable list of all rated articles
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  • Define search areas to refine user searches thematically
  • Display the "Top 10" of most-searched articles
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  • Upload and insert pictures via drag & drop into an article
  • Take and insert screenshots via the Print-button


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  • Request or send read confirmations
  • Quick overview of all confirmations

BlueSpice pro Extensions

 pro/freeDescriptionSoftware package
ArticleInfoBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Displays additional information about an article like the last edit, page assignments or categories-
Authentication with LDAPBlueSpice proProvides LDAP authentication, and some authorization functionality for MediaWiki.-
AuthorsBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Displays pictures of editors right at the end of each article-
AvatarsBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Assigns an automatically generated individual profile picture for every user-
BlogBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Allows displaying of relevant information in a "news-feed" style on a wiki page-
BlueSpiceExtendedFilelistBlueSpice proDocumentManager
BlueSpiceReadConfirmationBlueSpice proAsk for confirmation that an article was read by certain usersReadConfirmation
BluespiceCategoryManagerBlueSpice proShow all categories of the wiki and its structuring at a glance-
BookshelfBlueSpice proEnables you to combine different wiki articles to create books and also to export those as a pdf document.Bookmaker
BookshelfUIBlueSpice proBookmaker
CategoryCheckBlueSpice proServiceCenter
CategoryTreeBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Enables you to displays categories and subcategories in a tree structure-
ChecklistBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Allows inserting checkboxes and checklists for task management-
CiteBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Allows a user to create footnotes by using a special tag-
CiteThisPageBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
The extension provides a special page allows creating a citation for a page in variety of styles-
ConfirmEditBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Enables the user to place various CAPTCHA methods to protect the wiki from spambots-
ContextMenuBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Replaces the default browser context menu with wiki functions-
CountThingsBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Introduces a set of tags that allow for counting various metadata in the wiki-
DashboardsBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Provides individual dashboards with information about what is going on in the wiki for users and administrators-
ExtendedEditbarBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Frequently used functions are easily accessible and speed up work with the WYSIWYG editor-
ExtendedSearchBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Full-text search in articles and files, faceted search, fuzzy search, spellchecker and sorting as well as search-as-you-type and auto-complete functionality-
ExtendedStatisticsBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Provides an analytic view of many relevant parameters on the wiki.-
ExtensionInfoBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Creates a special page with basic information about loaded extensions of the wiki-
FlaggedRevsConnectorBlueSpice proThis enables to save articles in drafts and to release articles after a review processTeamwork
FlexiSkinBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Allows to customize the skin of the wiki.-
FormattingHelpBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Description of the most important Wiki codes for beginners-
GadgetsBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Provides a way for users to pick JavaScript or CSS based "gadgets" that other wiki users provide-
GroupManagerBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Administration interface for adding, editing and deleting user groups-
HideTitleBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Provides a magic word to hide the title of the page-
ImageMapBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Allows to link specific parts of an image in your wiki to internal or external pages-
InputBoxBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Allows to integrate HTML forms into wiki pages-
InsertCategoryBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Provides a dialogue to see a category overview for inserting, as well as creating and deleting categories-
InsertFileBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Introduces a dialog box directly in the BlueSpice VisualEditor, allowing files to be easily inserted.-
InsertImageBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Provides a dialogue to easily upload, insert and edit pictures-
InsertLinkBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Offers a dialogue to insert links without using the wiki code-
InsertMagicBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Helps integrating special wiki tags, behavior switches or magic words-
InterWikiLinksBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Administration interface for adding, editing and deleting interwiki links-
InterwikiBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Provides a special page for maintaining the Interwiki table-
LocalisationUpdateBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Allows to update the localizations for MediaWiki messages at any time, without needing to upgrade the MediaWiki software-
LockdownBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Implements per-namespace group permissions-
MobileFrontendBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Enables to display the wiki on mobile devices-
NSFileRepoBlueSpice proDocumentManager
NSFileRepoConnectorBlueSpice proDocumentManager
NamespaceManagerBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Administration interface for adding, editing and deleting namespaces-
NukeBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Extension for administrators to delete more than one page at once-
PageAssignmentsBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Assigns individual users or whole groups to pages, e.g. as responsible editors-
PageTemplatesBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Offers the possibility to select from predefined content structures when creating a new page-
ParserFunctionsBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Enhances the wikitext parser with helpful functions, mostly related to logic and string-handling-
PasteImageBlueSpice proAllows to include images in an article using Copy & Paste and also provides to insert screenshots from the clipboardPasteImage
PdfHandlerBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Shows uploaded pdf files in a multipage preview layout-
PermissionManagerBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Allows an easy and convenient management of usergroup rights in a graphical interface-
PoemBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Create paragraphs and line breaks for poeam formating automatically by using the <poem> tag-
PreferencesBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Administration interface to manage user rights for groups-
QuizBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Allows the creation of quizzes-
RSSBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Renders RSS feeds to display them in wiki articles-
RSSFeederBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Offers a special page that describes and enables RSS-Feeds for chosen areas of the MediaWiki-
RatingBlueSpice proEnables to rate articles with up to five starsRatedComments
ReadersBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Displays the profile pictures of wiki article visitors below the article-
ReminderBlueSpice proAllows uesrs to get an overview of the actuality of those pages in a wiki they are responsible forReminder
RenameUserBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Provides a special page that allows user accounts to be renamed-
ReviewExtendedBlueSpice proWith this workflow tool, users can start a review process of single articles by several usersTeamwork
SecureFileStoreBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Solves a general security vulnerability of MediaWikis-
ShoutboxBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Provides a box for commenting on an article and starting a conversation about the topics with other users-
SmartListBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Introduces a tag that can be placed on any page to show a list of most relevant pages.-
SpamBlacklistBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Create and manage blacklists based on URL patterns to avoid spam in the wiki-
StateBarBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
It gives the user an overview of the article's essential meta information-
SyntaxHighlightBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Provides syntax highlighting and code rendering-
TagCloudBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Visualize a category overview graphically and in 3D-
TitleBlacklistBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Manage black- and whitelist to forbid creating new articles and user accounts-
TitleKeyBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Provides a title prefix search suggestion backend-
UEModuleBookHTMLBlueSpice proBookmaker
UEModuleBookPDFBlueSpice proBookmaker
UEModuleBoxDOCXBlueSpice proBookmaker
UEModuleDOCXBlueSpice proBookmaker
UEModuleHTMLBlueSpice proBookmaker
UEModulePDFBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Enables the output as Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)-
UEModulePDFRecursiveBlueSpice proBookmaker
UEModulePDFSubpagesBlueSpice proBookmaker
UserManagerBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
In the user manager you can add and delete users as well as change settings-
UserMergeBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Merges several users into one account-
UserPreferencesBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Personal preferences which the user can change at the special page Special:Preferences.-
UserSideBarBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Lets you generate your own personal navigation menu-
VisualDiffBlueSpice proEnables users to easily compare two versions of an article with just a few clicksVisualDiff
VisualEditorBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Is an editor you can use without having to enter special markup-
WhoIsOnlineBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Shows which users have been logged-in in the last 10 minutes-
WikiAdminBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
A container where an administrator can find special admin functions.-
WikiEditorBlueSpice free
BlueSpice pro
Provides an improved interface for editing WikiText-