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Administration interface for adding, editing and deleting user groups
State: stable
Developer: HalloWelt
Type of extension: BlueSpice
Edition: BlueSpice free, BlueSpice pro
Dependency: BlueSpice
Software package: -
Category: Administration
Documentation at

The Group Manager creates new groups, edit existing groups, and delete existing groups.

It is not always a good idea that everyone can edit everything. Using the group concept, you can soften the wiki principle a little so you create groups to which wiki sysops can assign differing permissions. For example, you can have a group with permission to read but not make any changes in the wiki. However, you should only use the group concept when it is absolutely necessary is, as otherwise the cooperative dynamic suffers.

Where can I find the function Group Manager?

To manage groups, open the Admin tab in the left navigation bar (sidebar), then click on Group manager.


The functionality of Group manager

You will see a list of all the existing groups. 


Overview of all user groups.

Create group

To create a group, move to the administration page via the link "WikiAdmin" (this is only available for sysops). Then choose Group manager. The link "New" Btn-plus.png takes you to a form where you can enter the name of the group.


Add a new group.

The new group will now be visible in the list. It is only given "Read" permission as standard. In order to change this, you must edit the group.

Editing the group's permissions

The permissions of individual groups can be changes in PermissionManager.

Assigning users to a group

This is not done via group management, but via user management, which you can find in the administration area. You can see which groups a user is a member of in the column "Groups".

Deleting groups

Next to the edit button in the list, you will also see a buttons which allows you to delete group a group. If you want to delete more than one group at once please mark all groups and use the "minus" button at the top Btn-minus.png or "Delete" button.


The only groups you cannot delete are "All" and "Users", as they are basic wiki groups. The users that were members of the groups you delete are not deleted. They will still exist.

Try it!

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