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Preferences or Settings is a function on the Wiki-admin page.
It makes it easy to make and change the basic settings for the whole wiki, without having to resort to using scripts. These global settings and be changed by individual users in their UserPreferences.

Technical background

Preferences lets you control the behaviour of extensions and set default values.

Where can I find the Preferences function?

Screenshot: Preferences in the admin section
Firstly, you need to have administration permissions in order to call up Preferences. If you have the correct permissions, you will be able to see the link "Preferences" in the "Admin" section in the left hand navigation bar (user sidebar). Click on the link and you will be taken to the administration page.

The functionality of Preferences

The display shows different areas for the individual extensions. These areas can be fully displayed or collapsed. By default they will be collapsed. Click on the arrow symbol to see the further options. The different options for configuring the different extensions are described on the pages detailing the relevant extensions. We link to these pages here.

Screenshot: Preferences are available in this drop-down list

BlueSpice - basic preferences

Setting Description
Basic setting MinifyPath: Where the Minification scripts are saved.
Search Display of search results, indexed data formats etc.

BlueSpice - MediaWiki preferences

Setting Description
ArticleInfo Update intervall
The articles authors Preferences for profile pictures.
Avatars Size and defaults
Blog Display of blog entries
BlueSpice Special preferences for BlueSpice. You can also set which data formats allowed here (by default: png, gif, jpg, jpeg, doc, docx, pdf, xls).
BlueSpice Project Feedback Helper Activation
DashBoards Link the site logo to the dashboards
ExtendedStatistics Settings for BlueSpice statistics e.g. exclude certain users
FlexiSkin Activated skin and logo path.
InsertCategory Insert categories include its parents
InsertLink Enable links to local files
Notifications Only notify for changes in special namespaces
PageTemplates Above all for combining page templates with namespaces.
PermissionManager Activate lockmode....
Quality assurance Configure the easy review processes.
Readers of this article Activation and settings.
ResponsibleEditors Enabled namespaces and assigning rights.
Safer Editing Organise autosaving while editing.
SecureFileStore Settings for files.
Shoutbox Setings for the comment box.
SmartList Configure the latest changes function (previously called "Infobox")
Status bar Display statbar and shows the order.
Syntax Highlighter e.g. link URLs
TopMenubarCustomizer Settings for the top MenuBar.
UserManager This is, above all, to permit changing passwords.
User navigation (Focus) Individual navigation bar.
VisitedPages Limit of entries, namespaces, ...
VisualEditor Settings for the WYSIWYG editor.
Who is online?

The wiki is closed by default, permissions being assigned by administrators. If you have questions or problems, please contact Hallo Welt! - Medienwerkstatt.