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This document describes the steps of the MediaWiki Installation, which is essential for the installation of BlueSpice.

Tips for this Document

  • Please, read this manual completely and work through the single installation steps one after another. 
  • For editing the configuration files with a text editor, the files must be saved in UTF-8 coding without BOM (Byte Order Mark).
  • The placeholder <installpath-bluespice> stands for the path to your BlueSpice installation, e.g C:\inetpub\wwwroot\bluespice (Windows) or /var/www/bluespice (Linux).
  • The placeholder <bluespice-url> stands for the URL to your future BlueSpice installation, e.g. http://localhost/bluespice.



A webserver (IIS / Apache), which is configured to be accessable for <bluespice-url> , must already be running on the system.


PHP needs to be integrated in the webserver. Make sure that the following moduls are activated: 

  • php-curl
  • php-gd
  • php-tidy


A database server (MariaDB oder MySQL) must be set up completely and needs to be available. You need administrative access (root). 

Download MediaWiki

Download the MediaWiki version compatible with BlueSpice BlueSpice is always compatible with the current LTS version of MediaWiki. You can see the correct version of MediaWiki at the version number of BlueSpice - for example:

BlueSpice version 2.27.x corresponds to MediaWiki version 1.27.x.

Unzip and Copy MediaWiki

Unpack the downloaded archive from MediaWiki. Note that the relevant content is located in a subfolder (for example, mediawiki-1.27.4). Move the contents of this subfolder to <installpath-bluespice>.

Starting the Installation

Call up <bluespice-url> in your browser. The start page of the installation should be displayed:

Setup:Setup mediawiki start installation.jpg

Continue by clicking "set up the wiki".

Language Selection

You will now be asked for the language during the installation process and the language of your later installation:

Setup:Setup mediawiki languageselect.jpg

Select the required language and click on "Next".

Checking the Installation Environment

The following page should allow you to skip with "Next" in most cases. If errors (red font) are displayed, there is a need for action at your server environment. Please do the necessary corrections.

Database Settings

On the following page, you will be prompted to enter your database settings.

  • If the database server is on the same PC as the MediaWiki installation, please do not use "localhost" but "".
  • The database itself is created in the further process if it does not already exist. You do not have to create the database in advance.
  • The database table prefix does not have to be specified. This only makes sense if you need the database for other database tables than for your MediaWiki installation.
  • Please enter the user name and password of the administrative database user (usually root).

Setup:Setup mediawiki database.jpg

Click "Next".

On the second page about the database it is recommended to create your own database user for your installation. Deactivate the checkbox "Use the same database account as during the installation process" and enter a username and password of your choice. Activate the checkbox "If not already existing, you have to create the account now".

Setup:Setup mediawiki database2.jpg

Then click "Next".

Wiki Settings

Now enter a name of your choice for your wiki.

You can also define an administrative user and his password here. You can change the email address of this user at any time in the user settings.

Leave all the other settings as they are and click "Next".

Setup:Setup mediawiki settings.jpg

Extended Settings

The settings on the now displayed page should be set as shown in the following screenshot. Please adjust the email address according to your needs, the paths in the section "Uploading Images and Files" are automatically filled and should be left as they are.

At this point, no MediaWiki standard extensions will be chosen. The neccessary extensions for BlueSpice will be integrated during the BlueSpice setup. 

Setup:Setup mediawiki advanced.jpg

Then click on "Next". Also confirm the following pages with "Next". 

All necessary settings are made now. Please confirm with "Next" again.

Deposit LocalSettings.php ablegen

Finally, the "LocalSettings.php"  will be provided for downloading it. Please do this and move the file to <installpath-bluespice>.

Then call <bluespice-url> and you should see a complete installation of MediaWiki, where you can log on with the previously defined username / password.

Setup:Setup mediawiki finished.jpg