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What is BlueSpiceReadConfirmation?

Read Confirmation asks for confirmation that an article was read by certain users.

Where to find Assignments that you are responsible for?


Or go to upper right corner, click on your name and in combo box you will find:"assignments". When you click on "assignments" you will get an article or articles which you are assigned to.


Accept ReadConfirmation

For the user who has been assigned to a specific page, a prominent message block appears at the beginning of the page for read verification. This will appear every time the page is accessed until the confirmation has actually been made.


Request for read receipt received

After the read receipt has been set up, the respective users will receive an email and a message in the wiki. This assumes that users have enabled the page assignment notifications in their user settings:


Check reading confirmation

When all prompted users have confirmed the current version of the article, the circle in Access Management changes from red to green in the "Read" column. More details about the confirmation, e.g. The date of the confirmation, you will be found in the read confirmation logbook (see below).

Delete assignments

The assignments are removed either via the delete button above the list in the access management or in the "Actions" column. First, activate the corresponding article.

The assignments for an article can only be deleted completely.

The logbooks of ReadConfirmation

In the assignment manager you will find two icons in the "Actions" column, which lead to two logbooks:

  • The assignment logbook is a special page that lists all assignments and their deletions with date and actor.
  • The read-only confirmation log shows all confirmations of the assigned users.


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